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You want to feel more powerful?
You want to look beyond the status quo?
You are motivated to step up and see results for you?
Then just begin, take the first step and put the work in!

By using creative tools you will activate the right side of your brain and trust more your intuition.
We allow the right side of the brain to help us overcome the reasoning and criticism of the left side brain which often holds us back.

This will enable you to:
 - learn what’s holding you back
 - get a better understanding of who you are and what your potential is
 - trust and value your intuition
 - get momentum and feel more powerful


Become one of my four test clients,
of the 4 week free,  one on one coaching session:
creative • intuitive • powerful
At some point we all need someone how can point out some new directions and remind us on our own innate wisdom.

My name is Heike I am an Architect, Artist and a passionate advocate for creativity.
After a burnout and a long journey to recovery I worked my way back, feeling more powerful and in alignment than ever before.  

Now it is your turn, I want to help you to unveil your hidden potential. It will need some work on your side, but as Jim Rohn already said 30 years ago, ‘unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got’

This 4 week one on one coaching session is totally free – no catch, no strings attached other than this one:  you have to COMMIT TO YOURSELF for these 4 weeks.